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Summarized! 7 Focus Areas from the Coronavirus Commission on Nursing Homes

To save you from reading the whole 186-page report from the Coronavirus commission for nursing homes, we’ve pulled out some focus areas and highlights that are most relevant to SNFs right now. Just review our At-A-Glance Infographic.

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Free Webinar! Using Data to Find Your Reimbursement Niche

Our next webinar is September 29, with nationally-recognized healthcare speaker and consultant Clint Maun. This time we’ll cover Using Data to Find Your Reimbursement Niche. This is the third in our series of Centers of Excellence webinars and your next chance to win a free consult or the discounted 16-week package for your facility.

Clint Maun
35+Year Healthcare Consultant
and Motivational Speaker

Kimberly Sturm

Prime Care Tech
Director, Customer Experience

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Demo Day Replay! Skip the small talk and get straight to the demo

Missed our demo day? No problem, catch the recording to review the most valued features of our apps and hear how they’re solving top LTPAC issues for our clients.

Or better, request a live demo and get it customized to challenges your organization may be facing.

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