COVID-19 Updates

McKnight’s COVID-19 Updates – April 15 2020

Documentation will prevent COVID-19 lawsuits. Lawsuits are already being filed, please make sure you are documenting everything you are doing, PPE in use while assisting someone, PPE on resident during care, Hand washing before and after care, etc. Tedious- YES, protective YES!!! A legal expert is urging providers to document everything related to their response … [Read more]

McKnight’s COVID-19 Updates – April 06 2020

COVID-19 side effect: critical drugs in short supply Alicia Lasek Among the many troubles brought by the new coronavirus, key drugs have become hot commodities – and stocks are running low. Demand has skyrocketed for drugs ranging from asthma inhalers and antibiotics to sedatives needed for mechanical ventilation. Physicians, patient advocates and manufacturers are struggling … [Read more]