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FREE Assisted Living Incident Command System Now Available to AALNA Members!

The Assisted Living Incident Command System or “ALICS” is a simplified version of the Incident Command System (ICS) and through its use, long-term care providers can become part of this standardized system of efficient response. ICS was modified by two consultants for assisted living and reviewed by AALNA board members. The final review was conducted by the NCAL Workgroup of the AHCA/NCAL Emergency Preparedness Committee.

ALICS Assisted Living Incident Command System (ALICS) outlines a management framework that empowers staff to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their incident response; no matter what shift, or what day of the week the event occurs. It does this through a system that is designed to:

  • Manage all emergency, routine, or planned events, of any size or type, by establishing a clear chain of command and a process for communication, decision-making and delegation.
  • Allow personnel from different agencies or departments to be integrated into a common structure that can effectively address issues and delegate responsibilities.
  • Provide needed logistical and administrative support to operational personnel.
  • Ensure key functions are covered and eliminate duplication.