New Jersey Chapter News

New Jersey Chapter News:

The New Jersey Chapter of AALNA met in person at the HCANJ Headquarters on June 8, 2022 for the first time in almost two years. We were, as always, hosted by HCANJ (Healthcare Association of New Jersey) and felt welcomed home.

AALNA President of the National Board of Directors, joined via ZOOM and welcomed the NJ Chapter back to regularly scheduled meetings. He thanked all members for their service during the height of the pandemic and wished each member and the Chapter well.

Charles Larobis, RN – AALNA member and HCANJ Director, Quality, Clinical & Regulatory Services presented updates at the state level and for Infection Prevention/Control. When available, Charles will provide an update to our members at each NJAALNA Chapter meeting.


Mackenzie Kinnevy, Project Specialist of the CDC’s Project Firstline presented on the status of the program, request for our participation as NJ AL Communities and promised to keep us updated at every meeting going forward. 3 AALNA members were awarded certificates by HCANJ Project Firstline for the IPCO training.


Jamie O’ Neill, Director of Patient Relations and Network Development of Serenity Hospice presented topics on Hospice participation qualification and requirements, Medicare benefits and guidelines, support services rendered by hospice. Serenity Hospice also provided us with a delicious lunch.

A discussion was held with all attendees regarding the election of Chapter officers. It is vital to the chapter to have committed officers to provide quality programs, support of our nurse members, educational opportunities, etc. Current Vice President, Lorraine Azarcon RN and current Treasure Margo Kunze, RN led the discussion as to the election of officers. It was decided by all present that in order to get the Chapter back to maximum functioning as quickly as possible, we would ask for volunteers and hold the election during the meeting. That recommendation was seconded by all and the following members volunteered and were elected. With the exception of Margo Kunze all officers are from Brookdale. AALNA does not usually have multiple officers from one company, but we felt in these circumstances it was the best path to follow.

Election of NJ AALNA Officers:


Following the election we held a discussion Chaired by Lorraine Azarcon, President as to how the group wished to continue to provide support and education to our members. For many AL nurse leaders getting out of the community for an educational offering is difficult. In NJ some have to travel well over 2 hours to attend a meeting and that does not always fit into their schedule. TRAFFIC can, as we all know, elongate that time frame by hours. So, the members, after much discussion decide we would offer a hybrid opportunity for all members to have access to the educational programs. We will offer three meetings per quarter by ZOOM for those who cannot attend in person. The fourth meeting will require in person attendance and will NOT be offered by ZOOM. For those who, Hopefully, attend in person lunch will continue to be provided by our program presenters or other sources.

We all hope this is an equitable solution to our age old “I can’t get out of my community” issues.

PLEASE join us on WEDNESDAY, July 27, 2022 from 10 AM until 2 PM at HCANJ Headquarters or by ZOOM. We will have a presentation by Patricia Marchlowska on diabetes: Treating the Highs and Lows. Lunch will be provide by Eli Lilly and Company.

We will also hear from Charles and Mackenzie with updates.

To access the NJ CHAPTER MEETING ON July 27th via ZOOM, please use the information below. below

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