Webinar 8 Critical Things Your Business Should Be Doing Right Now – Critical COVIS-19 Risks

As COVID-19 continues to force businesses and society into uncertainty, companies may be wondering what actions they can take to address the ever-emerging risks they face.

Telecommuting has brought new cyber risks; supply chains have been disrupted; and of course, there are still public health risks that come from the virus itself.

In this webinar, Dan Reynolds, editor-in-chief of Risk & Insurance®, talks with co-founder and chief revenue officer of Risk Cooperative, Les Williams, CRM, about the risks surrounding COVID-19 and what actions businesses should be taking to mitigate them.

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“Employees are going to be shell-shocked when we return to work, so you want to make sure as a risk manager that the environment that your employees come back to is going to be a safe and secure one,”

– Les Williams, CRM