The last few months have been unprecedented and challenging to say the least. But many organizations are beginning to realize their challenges are far from over as they question how to safely transition back to the workplace. How can we be sure everyone will be safe? When is the right time to go back? What if someone does get sick? Our experts put together videos on re-entering the workforce for both employees and employers to help everyone safely go back to the office.

In these two videos, we’ll share what you need to know about going back to work, including guidelines from the CDC, what precautions to take, as well as how to maintain peace of mind during the transition.


Re-entry into the workforce | Enjoy these full length-videos


Safe Re-Entry During COVID-19 for Employers

This is a new situation for everyone, and organizations aren’t sure how to safely go back to work. In this lesson, you’ll learn what actions employers should take to properly prepare for employees returning to work, the CDC’s recommended strategies for allowing workers back on site, what to do if an employee gets sick, and best practices for prioritizing the health and safety of employees.




Safe Re-Entry During COVID-19 for Employees

It can be daunting thinking about going back to the office! In this lesson, you’ll learn what to know before going back to work and what safety precautions to take after returning to the worksite. We’ll also take a look at some high-level tips for maintaining your peace of mind despite any stress or fear we may face as a result of re-entering the workforce.