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I am very pleased to advise you that SeaBreezee has become a new vendor member of AALNA. Seabreezee is a leading worldwide recruiting company which provides solutions for companies facing labor shortages by offering qualified foreign workers who come to the US through employment-based immigration (www.seabreezee.com).

The Board and I have had multiple conversations with them and feel they offer a quality solution for staffing RN and caregiver positions! Also, we have made arrangements for them to provide a 10% discount to AALNA members.

If you have a staffing issue with RNs, caregivers, dietary and/or housekeeping personnel etc., click on the button below for more information .

Lastly, they will be attending our upcoming conference in Las Vegas so you will have a chance to meet David and Geoff in person.

Looking forward to seeing you at the conference.

Calvin Groeneweg, RN, C-AL




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COVID-19 Vaccine – Questions and Concerns Answered

Why Should I Receive A Vaccine? Is It Safe? How Does Messenger RNA (mRNA) Work? How Did Vaccines Get Approved So Quickly? What Should I Expect After Getting The Vaccine? How Long Does It Take To Work? I Had COVID Do I Still Need The Vaccine? Can I Get COVID From The Vaccine?


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