Mission and Principles

Mission and Principles


Promote nursing practice by enhancing the competencies of nurses working with in the unique Assisted Living environment.


It is the vision of the American Assisted Living Nurses Association that we:
  • Influence stakeholders who could potentially impact nursing practice with in the Assisted Living environment.


The goals of the American Assisted Living Nurses Association are:
  • Enhance the competence of nurses working in Assisted Living by providing education research and evidence based best practices.
  • Provide certification exam that prepares and distinguishes nurses in current Assisted Living knowledge and practice.
  • Encourage Assisted Living community leadership to support their nurses’ participation with AALNA.
  • Provide access to a nation-wide network of Assisted Living nurses through web-based technology state leadership and local chapters.
  • Influence stakeholders and public policy that may impact Assisted Living nursing practice.