About Us

The American Assisted Living Nurses Association is the only national non-profit association dedicated exclusively to nursing in assisted living. Operated by nurses, for nurses.

Founded in June 2001 by a group of assisted living nurses, AALNA serves as the voice of assisted living nurses and is operated only by nurses currently practicing in the assisted living profession. Our goal is to promote safe, effective, and dignified nursing practices in assisted living such that nurse as well as residents benefit. To support this goal, we have developed two distinct Scope and Standards of Practice statements for assisted living nurses (one for RNs; one for LPN/LVNs) that draw on principles of gerontological nursing as well as a certification exam with demonstrated validity and reliability. Through this, we have begun the process towards promoting professional growth of assisted living nurses through education, research, and participation in public policy forums.

  • Providing education through the development and maintenance of credentials for an assisted living nursing specialty practices that includes a certification examination and relevant education materials.
  • Improvement of information dissemination on current state-specific regulatory requirements and cost-effective methods for exemplary compliance, as well as, evidence-based best practices and other insights.
  • Support participation in public policy forums by providing access to a nation-wide network of assisted living nurses, and advancing an active interest in the assisted living nursing practice among professionals.

How Membership Benefits You:

Membership in the American Assisted Living Nurses Association benefits you because AALNA is an organization run for nurses, by nurses. This means that as a member you will be heard, active, and effective. As a member of AALNA, you will receive the best possible membership value we can provide. Membership benefits include:

  • “Members Only” access to resources and services on the AALNA website
  • Access to a nationwide network of assisted living nurses
  • Making your voice heard in national policy discussions
  • Subscription to NCAL Connections
  • AALNA members receive a discounted membership rate for AMDA – The Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine. Join/renew for just $99 using a code for AALNA members only and get additional discounts for most educational offerings, conference fees and unlimited access to free webinars
  • Discount on CEUs and staff training materials from Senior Community Learning
  • Discount on the AALNA national conference registration fee
  • Discount on the Assisted Living Nurse Certification Course and Exam
  • FREE access to the Assisted Living Incident Command System (ALICS)
  • Free subscription to the Geriatric Nursing Journal for those who purchased (or were reimbursed for) an individual membership
  • Discounted AALNA’s Assisted Living Clinical Leadership Training Modules and other training materials in Partnership with NYU
  • Access to Heroes Vacation Club for members and their families
  • Access to state chapters and leaders
  • Members’ questions answered within 24-48 hours by a member of the AALNA Board of Directors

3 Membership Opportunities:

Individual membership is appropriate for nurses or administrators seeking to play an active role in shaping the future of Assisted Living. As an individual member of the American Assisted Living Nurses Association, you will be asked to share your expertise and insight on topics pertinent to the Assisted Living nursing practice. In return, you will gain access to a nationwide network of nurses that can be used as a source for information on policy discussion, best practices, and current regulatory requirements.

Supporting Partners have three options for membership. The first option is a corporate membership, which is appropriate for any company that owns, manages, or operates an Assisted Living Community. The second option is allied or platinum membership, which  is appropriate for any company, corporation, proprietary, or nonprofit that has an interest in supporting nurses in Assisted Living, but does not own, operate, or manage an Assisted Living Community. The third is option is platinum plus membership, which gives you acknowledgement in programs and marketing materials, prominent signage at conferences and up to 5 conference attendees and several more perks.