Nurse to Nurse Episode 2

with Special Guest: Deb Choma, RN Director of Member Services, AALNA In this episode of Nurse to Nurse, Mandy and Gwen interview Deb Choma, a nurse leader and board member of the American Assisted Living Nurses Association (AALNA). Deb shares her background in nursing and her passion for working in assisted living. She discusses the … [Read more]

Nurse to Nurse Episode 1

with Special Guest: Calvin Groeneweg, RN, C-AL President & CEO, AALNA In this pilot episode of the Nurse to Nurse podcast, the hosts Mandy Curtis, MSN RN and Gwen Wilburn, RN MBA interview Cal Groeneweg, RN from AALNA (American Assisted Living Nurses Association). They discuss the history and mission of AALNA, the changes in assisted … [Read more]


with Welcome to “Nurse to Nurse,” a podcast proudly owned by the American Assisted Living Nurses Association. This podcast caters to a diverse audience, including current, past, and aspiring assisted living nurses at all levels of practice – from entry-level to seasoned experts. Our primary focus is on nurses working within the dynamic landscape of … [Read more]