COVID-19 Updates

Improve resident health and staff safety by enabling hands-free communication

You value the health and safety of your residents and staff. And we value it too.

Long term care and assisted living staff have always needed to communicate effectively to support quality care.

Now, with the need for social distancing and the use of personal protective equipment during the pandemic, that need is more urgent. Communication must take place quickly and without unnecessary risk to caregivers, staff and residents. This is where Vocera can help.

Enable hands-free, real-time communication to help reduce the risk of exposure to contagions with Vocera communication solutions.

  • Keep staff safer: Communicate hands-free without disrupting workflow. The Vocera Badge and Smartbadge can be used under isolation gowns, hazmat suits, and personal protective equipment — and can be used with a headset.
  • Support business continuity: Enable efficient, secure communication with your staff and residents.

We’re committed to supporting your needs during this challenging time and encourage you to reach out and learn more about how we can help today.