COVID-19 Updates

Blood clotting emerges as a new COVID-19 risk

It’s well established that COVID-19 fuels severe respiratory problems. In addition, those with severe infections also risk abnormal blood clotting, according to Irish clinicians.

Many seniors appear to be taking potentially inappropriate meds after being hospitalized

Hospitalizations cause up to 60% of older patients to take medicines that may be potentially inappropriate, a team of researchers has found.

Why coronavirus detection may be going to the dogs

Might it soon be possible for dogs to detect the coronavirus? We may soon find out, thanks to a study now underway at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine.

Clinical Briefs for Monday, May 4

Nursing facilities vulnerable to asymptomatic spread of coronavirus … Remdesivir may accelerate recovery from advanced COVID-19 … But risk is higher for health workers