COVID-19 Updates

New Jersey COVID-19 Updates – September 22 2020

MASK SCAMS POSTED BY NJ BUT, IMPORTANT FOR ALL STATES AND CARE SETTINGS Beware of Non-FDA Approved COVID-19 Test Scams The Division of Consumer Affairs is aware that healthcare practitioners are being contacted by certain laboratories and commercial pharmaceutical manufacturers advertising COVID-19 diagnostic and serology tests that are NOT approved or granted Emergency Use Authorizations (EUA) by … [Read more]

New Jersey COVID-19 Updates – July 31 2020

Antibody Testing Information Regarding Antibody Testing The Division is aware that healthcare practitioners are frequently receiving questions related to COVID-19¬†antibody¬†testing and are often asked to interpret the results of these tests.¬†Please note that although tests for COVID-19 antibodies have been developed and are being widely administered, data is lacking on the clinical significance of antibody … [Read more]

New Jersey COVID-19 Updates – May 22 2020

COVID-19 Point Prevalence Testing Toolkit for Facilities and resultant strategies Please see the enclosed important information related to COVID-19 response. The New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH) recommends that when healthcare facilities (HCFs) perform facility-wide COVID-19 point-prevalence testing, they should plan in advance to take quick actions based on the results and to adopt a … [Read more]