COVID-19 Updates

Haymarket COVID-19 Updates – July 22 2020

Coronavirus Briefing: Immunity windows, mask mania and a pandemic data primer CORONAVIRUS BRIEFING Want something to feel positive about during these dark times? There are enough COVID-19 vaccine candidates in the pipeline to launch a regularly updated vaccine tracker. A great majority of these will likely fail – hell, they might all fail – but the … [Read more]

Haymarket COVID-19 Updates – April 22 2020

CORONAVIRUS BRIEFING Happy Earth Day! (Every day should be earth day.) Today’s Coronavirus Briefing is 1,179 words and will take you five minutes to read. The official global death toll from the pandemic as of this morning is 172,000 — a number said to vastly underestimate the true count. The price of benchmark U.S. crude oil dropped below … [Read more]

Haymarket COVID-19 Updates – March 16 2020

CORONAVIRUS BRIEFING Welcome to the first edition of Haymarket Media’s Coronavirus Briefing, a daily newsletter that keeps business leaders fully informed of developments in the global spread of coronavirus and the disease it is currently causing, COVID-19. The pandemic’s effects have spread across the globe in ways no one could have anticipated, into corners of … [Read more]