COVID-19 Updates

I-CAR Community Assessment Tool recommended for Assisted Living and all post acute care settings.

Please see the below important information related to COVID-19 response.

The Department of Health I-CAR program uses the tele-ICAR tool developed by the CDC to help long term care and assisted living facilities respond to COVID-19 by evaluating the status of their current response activities. This VOLUNTARY tool is intended to be self-administered by LTC and assisted living facilities. Findings from the assessment can be used to target facility-specific infection prevention and control preparedness and containment activities.

n addition, I-CAR offers virtual consults to facilities to support infection prevention and control activities. To request a one-hour scheduled consultative appointment, complete the tele-ICAR tool and check the box requesting a consult.

J. David Weidner, MPH, REHS, MEP, CEM, CHEP Director, Emergency Management