COVID-19 Updates

Dear AALNA Member,

Although these surveys are conducted by CMS in skilled facilities the findings apply to anyone using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) regardless of the setting.

If you are utilizing PPE in your AL community you must be sure your staff knows how to properly put it on (DON), take it off (DOFF), store for reuse if sanctioned in your state, and dispose of it.

If your staff is improperly using the equipment, it cannot protect them or anyone else. Please, observe your staff, reeducate as indicated and continue to monitor during this or any outbreak situation.

CMS Reports Frequent Incorrect Use of PPE   

We have heard from CMS that a common theme they are finding during COVID-19 infection control focused surveys are PPE not being used correctly, including donning and doffing procedures. Surveyors are having staff demonstrate handwashing and donning and doffing of PPE.

We encourage you to review with your teams the appropriate way to apply and remove all PPE, including gloves, gowns, masks, and eye protection. Performing observations yourself can be helpful to prepare staff for surveyor observation and to quickly correct any practices needing improvement.

  • These documents can be printed and posted in your center to ensure your staff are aware of how to appropriately don PPE.
  • These documents can be printed off and posted in your center to ensure your staff are aware of how to appropriately doff PPE.
  • The following video explains how to do hand hygiene and donning/doffing PPE appropriately.