COVID-19 Updates

Protocols for Testing

In an effort to assist our members with developing their COVID testing plan and to ensure timely notification to DOH, HCANJ has provided an array of guidance, resources, FAQs and tools that can be accessed from the “

Important COVID-19 Links

” on our web site. As DOH has yet to provide any formal guidance, we have developed FAQs and processes based on information from AHCA and other state affiliates. The information provided on our web site is guidance and suggestions for implementing and completing the COVID testing mandate.
HCANJ has developed a 

COVID-19 Testing Plan

 template for our members to use when developing their plans. This template is simply our best guidance (subjective). When writing your plan include specific interventions and actions that will be implemented in your center. Consider including the following information:
  • Notification processes to families, residents, and staff about the mandated testing
  • Documented signed consents from staff in addition to the signed Authorization to Release information to the center administrator/designee.
  • Include specific processes for continued testing of COVID-negative residents and staff after May 26, 2020. CDS guidelines in their 

    COVID-19 Point Prevalence Testing Toolkit 

    suggest re-testing COVID-negative residents and staff weekly. If there are no new outbreaks for two (2) incubation cycles, consider reevaluating the plan and revise as appropriate.
  • Consider keeping 

    line listing documents

     specific for the COVID-19 testing mandate time frame. There are tabs specific for residents and staff.
  • The results of all testing outcomes will most likely be reported via the 

    State/NJHA daily reporting portal

    , along with all other currently required information. Remember, this is a critical portal regarding COVID status, COVID cases and PPE required to be filed before 10 p.m. daily or your facility is deemed non-compliant. We realize that there are multiple confusing reporting requirements.
This statewide long term care facility testing mandate will be challenging and costly for the sector. Right now we cannot say what further guidance or support may come from the state. All we ask is that you do your best to meet this challenge and continue to do what is necessary to keep our residents and staff safe, and our families informed.