COVID-19 Updates

Strategies for Reassuring families and Supporting Staff During CIVID-19 and other COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 is rapidly transforming the senior care industry, and those changes are stressful for both residents and their families. With the implication of social distancing, families cannot visit their loved ones in facilities. This prompts fear, uncertainty, and stress, but facilities can maintain an active role to not only keep residents reassured, but to also reassure their families.

The novel coronavirus has resulted in stress and fear amongst the general public, but those feelings are also present – and even heightened – in staff working in senior care facilities.
Nursing home association asks for $10 billion in coronavirus relief (NPR)
White House recommends tests for all nursing home residents and staff (AP)
Report paints scathing picture of nursing home (New York Times)

With COVID-19 requiring that residents in senior living facilities maintain social distancing, facilities have to re-think and restructure many of the activities that they have designed for residents. Social isolation can be stressful and lonely, so the more creative ways that facilities can find to keep seniors safely involved, the better.

In a statement issued April 30th, President Trump reiterated his support for the nation’s seniors and announced the following measures: FEMA will send supplemental shipments of PPE to all…

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It’s challenging for any senior care facility to navigate periods of high staff turnover. Covering shifts, hiring and training new staff, and maintaining team and employee morale and relationships are just a few of the challenges.