COVID-19 Updates

PPE Effectiveness While Fighting COVID-19

Lawsuits are already being filed, please make sure you are documenting everything you are doing, PPE in use while assisting someone, PPE on resident during care, Hand washing before and after care, etc. Tedious- YES, protective YES!!!

A course that could save lives of frontline workers

PPE is the key defense against infection, but a study by JAMA found that even experienced caregivers sometimes did not take appropriate precautions against infectious agent transmission. This suggests that additional training on proper PPE usage is critical now that COVID-19 has struck the nation.

HealthcareSource is now offering a course by Amplifire that will quickly refresh frontline workers’ knowledge of PPE in ways that could help reduce risks of spreading the disease unknowingly – ultimately saving lives. It also provides guidance on how they can best protect themselves if your organization faces a PPE shortage.

Watch our webinar for more information on the course and how to enroll.