COVID-19 Updates

Medications- to Crush or Not to Crush under the Psot Covid-19 Era

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

1:00 PM ET / Noon CT

Providers face numerous challenges and risks when it comes to crushing/compounding medications in this new world. Now there are fears of contamination or spreading of COVID-19, as well as ongoing concerns presented by PDPM, USP, NIOSH, OSHA and CMS.

Learn why you need to be aware of the new standards for handling medications in your facility … from ordering to dispensing to disposition, and all the steps in between. See why crushing a pill can put you or your patient at risk. Experienced clinician and educator Rob Accetta will be the featured speaker and present must-hear advice.


Rob Accetta RPh, C-MTM, BCGP

RivercareRx Consulting, LLC

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