COVID-19 Updates

Antibody Testing

Information Regarding Antibody Testing
The Division is aware that healthcare practitioners are frequently receiving questions related to COVID-19 antibody testing and are often asked to interpret the results of these tests. Please note that although tests for COVID-19 antibodies have been developed and are being widely administered, data is lacking on the clinical significance of antibody test results and that there are still substantial gaps in our knowledge of COVID-19 infection and antibody testing. Therefore, antibody test results should not be used to diagnose, or conclude a patient has immunity to, COVID-19.
Please consider the letter and infographic linked below regarding current COVID-19 antibody testing information as you treat patients, advise colleagues, and inform policy decisions through your practice of medicine.
The infographic may be printed for distribution to patients and others.
Paul R. Rodríguez
Acting Director
Division of Consumer Affairs
New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety