COVID-19 Updates

NOW OPEN for REGISTRATION – NJNI Schwartz Rounds for Nurses

What are Virtual Schwartz Rounds?

VSR are remote convenings that take place online using zoom. They provide a forum for connecting with nursing colleagues facing challenging experiences while trying to care for themselves and others. They are opportunities to connect with one another about difficult or uplifting experiences, to offer and to receive support, and to decrease a sense of isolation.

Nurses are facing Unprecedented levels of stress due to COVID-19Please join us in the sharing and connecting with your peers.Below you will find a list of upcoming sessions.

Good Morning,  Happy New Year!  I’m follow up to see, if you received the information below through our mail service this week about the Launch of VSR?  If you could let me know if you received the email in earlier in the week?  Also, if you could share with your network the email it would be greatly appreciated as we are trying to get the word out.  If you have any questions, please let me know.  Best – Jenn
More dates coming soon. Please check the website.
                  Once you register you will receive a confirmation email with the zoom link and passcode.
            If you have any questions, please contact Hazelene Johnson, Project Coordinator at

                    Please visit NJNI’s Website for more VSR information at

Support Resources / Self-Care information –