COVID-19 Updates

How to Preserve Resident Wellbeing During COVID-19

With eight out of 10 deaths from COVID-19 reported in adults 65 and older, the senior population is understandably worried about their health and safety. But prolonged stress can take a toll on resident health. Find out how your community can help alleviate their anxiety during the pandemic to help residents live their best lives no matter the circumstances.


The high rates of infection in long-term care, visitation restrictions, and limits to residents’ independence have increased the stress levels of many residents. And it can have serious consequences for these seniors, from changes in eating in sleeping to worsening health conditions. To protect this already vulnerable population, there are simple steps communities can take to help reduce resident stressors. You’ll learn:

  • Effects of stress during an infectious disease outbreak
  • The link between chronic stress and depression
  • Top actions to support residents’ mental health during the pandemic


Because of their age and underlying health conditions, seniors are at an increased risk of serious COVID-19 illness. But the virus is threatening their mental health as well. Learn the best ways to preserve residents’ well-being during the pandemic.


Lisa Bowen,

Vice President of Marketing,
ValueMed byPharMerica