COVID-19 Updates

Programs Created to Support Nurses Well-Being During Pandemic

Nurses are at risk of developing secondary trauma, depression, and anxiety as a result of caring for COVID-19 patients. We feature three novel programs that are designed to provide emotional support to nurses during the pandemic.

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Increasing Nursing Diversity through Community Partnerships

Deborah E. Stamps, EdD, MBS, RN, a co-leader of the New York State Action Coalition, serves as a co-author of a new article, “Building Community Partnerships Through Targeted Workforce Development” in the July 2020 issue of Nursing Management (the article appears behind a paywall).

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Examining Linkages Between Home Health and Personal Wellness

The Nebraska Action Coalition participated in a pilot study with multiple Nebraska stakeholders that was designed to better equip tenants to improve the health of their homes. The findings reveal that participating homes saw a significant improvement in several dimensions of wellness including ventilation, safety, and a reduction in moisture.

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Student Mentoring Program in Maryland to Launch

The Campaign for Action is pleased that Morgan State University’s Nursing Program collaborated with the University of Maryland School of Nursing Workforce Center and received a grant of more than $146,000 from the Maryland Higher Education Commission Nurse Support II Grants program. Our thanks to Morgan State University for its efforts, which included attending the mentorship training programs sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office Minority Health, and the Campaign.

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Campaign Lists Ways to Help, Stay Informed About COVID-19

The Campaign for Action website now offers a resources page with information for both nurses and the public about the novel coronavirus. Among features: leading nursing organizations seek information from nurses and offer health suggestions, while trusted health authorities tell the public how to support nurses, and stay safe.

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