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Remdesivir Now ‘Standard of Care’ for COVID-19, Fauci Says

German Doctors’ Naked Protest Over PPE Shortages

COVID-19 Linked to Large Vessel Stroke in Young Adults

Why I Founded United Physicians and Why You Should Join

The Prone Master: 10 Clinicians From the COVID Frontlines

COVID-19 Data Point to Two Possible Realities — Which Is It?

ED Physician at Epicenter of COVID-19 Crisis Lost to Suicide

New Guidelines on Use and Reuse of PPE for COVID-19

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COVID-19 Watch COVID-19 Patient in Primary Care — How to Treat?

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COVID-19 Spurs Telemedicine, Furloughs, Retirement

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Two Rare Neurologic Conditions Linked to COVID-19

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CDC Adds Six Symptoms to COVID-19 List

WebMD Health News

Evidence on Spironolactone Safety in COVID-19 Reassuring

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What Are the Most Commonly Used Drugs for COVID-19 in Hospitals?

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Preventing PPE-Related Skin Damage

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Profession and Practice With ‘Horrendous’ Decisions Afoot in COVID-19, Teams Are Key


USMLE Tests Resume May 1, Sparking Student Concerns

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Health Policy and Government CMS Suspends Advance Payment Program to Clinicians for COVID-19

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US Supreme Court Rules for Insurers Over $12 Billion Obamacare Claims

Reuters Health Information

OSHA Probing Health Worker Deaths, but Urges No Penalties

Kaiser Health News

Business of Medicine COVID-19 Decimates Outpatient Visits

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New Billing Basics for Telemedicine

Medscape Business of Medicine

Ob/Gyns, Peds, Other PCPs Seeking COVID-19 Financial Relief

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Ethics and Legal Issues Hospital Reinstates Suspended Nurses Who Demanded Masks

Associated Press

COVID-19: Malpractice Risks When Treating Patients

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Guidelines and Recommendations Latent TB Infection: New Guidelines and Preferred Treatments

CDC Expert Commentary

FDA News and Approvals FDA Warns Against Hydroxychloroquine Use Outside of Hospital

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Hospitals Update Hydroxychloroquine Protocols After FDA Warning

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Hospital Medicine ‘Hospital at Home’ May Boost COVID-19 Inpatient Capacity

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Geriatrics Seniors With COVID-19 Show Unusual Symptoms, Doctors Say

Kaiser Health News

Pediatrics Chest Imaging Guidelines Released for Pediatric COVID-19

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Emotional and Neurologic Health Suicide Attempts More Common, More Lethal, New US Data Show

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We Can’t Ignore the Harms of Social Distancing