COVID-19 Updates

Medscape COVID-19 Updates – April 20 2020

TOP STORIES YOU NEED TO KNOW   Rapidly Changing PPE Policies Sow Confusion Normal Chest X-ray Doesn’t Rule Out COVID-19 How to Sanitize N95 Masks for Reuse: NIH Study Imaging Recommendations Issued for COVID-19 Patients Sleep in the Time of COVID-19 In Pursuit of Real Coronavirus Numbers Could Tetracyclines Help Fight COVID-19? Oxford COVID-19 Vaccine … [Read more]

Medscape COVID-19 Updates – April 16 2020

TOP STORIES YOU NEED TO KNOW TODAY ABIM Extends MOC Deadline to 2021 Because of COVID-19 Almost 10K HCWs Infected, at Least 27 COVID-19 Deaths in US Interim Guidance for CPR in Patients With COVID-19 What Do You Think of the Reaction to COVID-19? A Better Way to Prioritize Essential Care During COVID-19 On the … [Read more]

Medscape COVID-19 Updates – April 11 2020

April 11, 2020 Articles published today from the topics and columnists you’re following: News & Perspectives: ‘You Can’t Relax’: Vigilance Urged as New York Sees Signs of Coronavirus Progress