NJ FLU Guidance which is useful to all states and settings except where prohibited or superceded by local and state regulations/guidance.


The VPDP has prioritized healthcare provider flu vaccination for the next upcoming grant cycles. For the grant, we plan to survey healthcare providers about their knowledge, beliefs, and behaviors regarding flu vaccination.  We will then design a toolkit and materials, and post-test to evaluate the program.  Part of the campaign will help to raise awareness of a mandate, which requires certain health facilities to provide and employees to receive the flu vaccine:

Thus far, the program has created a flu flyer targeting healthcare providers available on our flu website, and directly at

Feel free to share this flyer.

In addition, we are working with one of our health services grantees to launch a statewide influenza campaign to promote flu vaccine uptake.  This campaign is in the works and will focus primarily on the general population.  We will keep you posted as more materials are developed.