COVID-19 Updates

Advice for better balance: lighten up

Effortful posture cues, such as “stand up straight,” and “engage your core,” may unintentionally hinder balance practice for older adults.

New screening tool may help prevent undiagnosed dementia

Seniors with eRADAR scores in the top 5% were more than five times as likely to have unrecognized dementia than those in an overall study population.

Nursing homes more prepared for the coronavirus than for H1N1: survey

Despite the COVID-19 troubles currently facing eldercare facilities, things could have been much worse for some, a Michigan survey suggests.

Clinical Briefs for Tuesday, April 28

CDC adds new symptoms to list of coronavirus signs … Light-based deep brain stimulation relieves symptoms of Parkinson’s disease … More than half of U.S. seniors have had medical care disruptions during pandemic … Saliva samples preferable to deep nasal swabs for testing COVID-19